Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some home remedies!!

Today i am going to be sharing some home remedies i use to help control my acne.
Please note these are some tips and tricks i use for my acne issues, they might not work for everyone but i felt like i should share with all of you since they worked really well for me.

1: Fresh lemon juice: 
This is the best thing ever for acne marks. Take a lemon, squeeze it in a bowl ( i use a container with a lid so i can store the left over in the refrigerator) spread it all over your face with a cotton ball. If you have dry skin, mix it with honey.

2: Chickpeas flour: 
You can get this easily at any Indian/Pakistani grocery store. Take a Tea spoon full of this flour mix it with a little bit of water, apply it all over your face, massage in circular motions and wash. P.S Don't use it twice a day because it can dry your skin out. I use it once in the morning. Trust me IT HAS CLEARED MY SKIN LIKE NOTHING ELSE DID .

3: Honey: 
Honey is the best anti-bactirial product ever!!! Take a t-spoon full of honey you can apply it directly to your face or i sometimes mix it with some milk. Leave it on for 10-15 min and wash it off. Your face will be super soft. You can also massage your hands with this mixture.

I have been suffering from acne since 2007 and nothing worked for me, i took medicines, i used prescription gels ..you name it i did it...Nothing worked for me...my acne would come back as soon as i would stop taking the medicine or using gels. These three things have improved my skin so muchhhh:)

Note: these are not overnight magic tricks. Give them some time; i say 3 weeks.
I hope they work as well for you all as they have been for me.

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