Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Fav Eye shadow palettes from DRUG STORE

NYX For your eyes only Smokey eyes

Cover Girl Drama eyes

Milani Runway eyes in Glamorous gems 

WnW Walking on eggshells 

WnW Silent Treatment

Revlon Not just nude cream shadows

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My favorite blushes

Hello Ladies!!!!
I just felt like sharing some of my favorite blushes with you all today.
So here they are:

 Left to right:
Estee Lauder Delux All- Over Face Compact.
Wet n Wild blush in Heather silk.
Milani blush in Rose D'Oro.
Elf  studio blush in Blushing Rose.
Cover girl cheeker in Deep Plum.
Elf Cream blush in Flirt.

Left to right
Heather silk
Rose D'Oro
Blushing rose
Deep plum

Since the Estee Lauder one is a compact i decided to mention the names separately, this came in a set my husband bought during Holidays (2010)

Left to right
Pink kiss 
Nude Rose
Bronze Goddess
(i know it's a bronzer and shouldn't be in this blog, but it's in the compact... Not my fault LOL)

These colors work really well for my skin tone ( Olive skin)
Hope you enjoyed reading it

Thanks for reading xoxo

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Monday, April 2, 2012

 Outfit of the day

I went shopping last  saturday and this is what i wore. It was kinda cold that day.

My pants and sweater are  from New York and Co.
Denim Jacket from Old navy.
Shoes by Nine west.
Clutch by Style & Co.
Bracelet is actually a necklace :) i think i bought from New York & Co.

Urban Decay Book of shadow volume IV

I know i am a little too late on this but hey it's never too late when it comes to trying new things out...right?!?!

So this past weekend i was on UD's site and i saw this palette on sale. I think it was originally $65 ( i am not sure) and it was on sale for $29. I thought it was a good deal. I honestly tell you i look for deals all the time, i don't care if i have to wait a little to get something for a cheaper price. That doesn't mean that i never buy anything full priced but i like to look around before i buy something.
( i am even planning on doing a blog on  "beauty on budget" I am still working on it though!!!

So anyway, back to my topic, i ordered this palette last monday which was 3-26 and i got it  on 3-29, that's pretty fast right!!!

I haven't used it yet but i wanted to share my thoughts so if you want to get it while it's available or while it's on sale, you 'd know what i think about it ( like you care LOL)

My first thought was...How cute it is!!! It's just adorable to look at.

First the packaging:
I think it's super cute. Very girly.
Some cute butterflies on the top shelf, a mirror , a pocket to put your phone while you do your makeup and watch videos.

It comes with 16 eye shadows.
Also has, Ud primer potion( .13oz)
UD supercurl curling mascara.
UD24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner.
A tiny little speaker for you phone.
2 cords, one  to connect your phone to the speaker and the other one to charge your speaker through your laptop.
Also has a how to- do videos card thing that you can scan and watch the videos.

Final thoughts:
I am very happy i bought this. This is my first ever purchase from UD. I think with this palette i not only get to try their shadows but also some of their other stuff.
If you don't have this, i say buy it since it's on sale.  You are getting some really nice stuff , plus if you are a makeup junkie like me and you just want to collect cute makeup items you might like this.

Thanks so much for reading

Friday, March 30, 2012

Beauty on budget

I have been thinking about writing this blog for a long time. The topic is "BEAUTY ON A BUDGET" . 

 We, girls, we want to buy every single thing out there in the beauty market. We spend our hard earn money on countless hauls, we want to buy everything we see on TV, on YouTube videos, we see at our friend's house. God has created us like that. IT'S NOT OUR FAULT LOL 

But is it ok to spend without thinking??? 

I would like to share with all of you how i shop as far as my makeup shopping is concern. 
& yes i am a makeup junkie like most of you:)

First and most important: 
Do i really need it? ( this question is pointless) because i always tell myself, no i don't need it but i want it and my want is bigger then my need:). But still i always ask this question to myself ( just as a reminder) 

Then i look for deals or coupons: 
Deals and coupons are a very big reason i buy drugstore makeup. As you all know most of the time, there are no coupons for "High end" makeup. So I go to different websites, like L'oreal or Garnier and get thier coupons, you can sign up for them. Ulta sends coupons all the time. My favorite one is $5 off on $10 purchase. I bought my Physician Formula Happy booster Translucent Powder with this coupon and also my NYX smokey eye palette ( which was $10.99) i ended up paying around $6 :) 
Even if i have to wait, i'll wait. I know the product is not going anywhere.

Try to find dupes: 
I love Youtube videos on high end makeup dupes. I found ELF bronzing powder and blush duo is a dupe for NARS duo, which i think has orgasm and laguna. I would happily pay $3 and get the "almost" same thing. 

 Every month budget: 
I have a makeup budget every month. It keeps changing though. For example, i'll say for the month of April i have $50 to spend on makeup/beauty items. Now i can buy a high end eye shadow palette for $50 or i can buy several things for the drug store. Or may be this month i want some lotions or hair products. But once i spent my $50, i'll not spend a single penny on makeup. 

One or two things at a time: 
sometimes i only buy one or two things at a time, let's say i go to walmart. I'd just buy 1 or 2 things. This way i didn't kill my pocket and i got something which would make me smile :) 

I mean i am not trying to say i am a genius and i have the most wonderful ideas ever. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you all.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks so much for reading


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'd like to start a series where at the end of  every month i'd be sharing my favorites of the month.

Here are some products i think i would consider as my favorites for  the month of March.

To cover up my acne marks (which are now fading) i've been using M.A.C's studio finish concealer in NC42. This is full coverage concealer.

I feel like full coverage foundations in spring/summer sometimes feel too much. That's why i have been wearing this Multi-tasker powder  a lot lately. & yes i've hit pan:) and i'll definitely buy it again. It is such a good coverage powder, in a short time this has become my most favorite product.

Nothing beats this eyeliner:) & i think all of you who own it will agree with me on this one. Super easy to apply, blackest black and matt finish. LOVE IT

 sweet pea body spray. Sweet pea has been one of my favorites since 2007 when someone give me a set on my bridal shower. It's such a girly scent i can't tell you!!! I have used different scents over the years but i keep coming back to this one. Specially for spring, i think it's a very nice scent.

Who'd think i'd buy  tweezers from bath and body works....but i did LOL and yes...they are so good!!!

So these are five products i use pretty much everyday this month.

Thanks so much for reading.

Outfit of the day (OFTD)

Outfit Of The Day

Hey guys really quick wanna share what i wore today. Went shopping with my friend..wanted to wear something super casual but still cute.

Skinny jeans from LOFT

Top from New York & Co.

Cardigan from New York & Co.

Sandals by Style & co. ( available at Macy's)

Earrings ( stole from my mom LOL)

Necklace from Jared ( 2nd year anniversary gift)

Had really light makeup!!! Nothing i think i should share :)

Let me know if you guys like it!!!

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some home remedies!!

Today i am going to be sharing some home remedies i use to help control my acne.
Please note these are some tips and tricks i use for my acne issues, they might not work for everyone but i felt like i should share with all of you since they worked really well for me.

1: Fresh lemon juice: 
This is the best thing ever for acne marks. Take a lemon, squeeze it in a bowl ( i use a container with a lid so i can store the left over in the refrigerator) spread it all over your face with a cotton ball. If you have dry skin, mix it with honey.

2: Chickpeas flour: 
You can get this easily at any Indian/Pakistani grocery store. Take a Tea spoon full of this flour mix it with a little bit of water, apply it all over your face, massage in circular motions and wash. P.S Don't use it twice a day because it can dry your skin out. I use it once in the morning. Trust me IT HAS CLEARED MY SKIN LIKE NOTHING ELSE DID .

3: Honey: 
Honey is the best anti-bactirial product ever!!! Take a t-spoon full of honey you can apply it directly to your face or i sometimes mix it with some milk. Leave it on for 10-15 min and wash it off. Your face will be super soft. You can also massage your hands with this mixture.

I have been suffering from acne since 2007 and nothing worked for me, i took medicines, i used prescription gels name it i did it...Nothing worked for acne would come back as soon as i would stop taking the medicine or using gels. These three things have improved my skin so muchhhh:)

Note: these are not overnight magic tricks. Give them some time; i say 3 weeks.
I hope they work as well for you all as they have been for me.


I must warn you, i am the worst when it comes to nails. I hate painting them... i am very messy ...i find it very time consuming:D But sometimes i manage to do it LOL

Here is what i did yesterday :) 

Used Wet & Wild mega shine nail polishes

This one in 443D

& This one in 465