Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'd like to start a series where at the end of  every month i'd be sharing my favorites of the month.

Here are some products i think i would consider as my favorites for  the month of March.

To cover up my acne marks (which are now fading) i've been using M.A.C's studio finish concealer in NC42. This is full coverage concealer.

I feel like full coverage foundations in spring/summer sometimes feel too much. That's why i have been wearing this Multi-tasker powder  a lot lately. & yes i've hit pan:) and i'll definitely buy it again. It is such a good coverage powder, in a short time this has become my most favorite product.

Nothing beats this eyeliner:) & i think all of you who own it will agree with me on this one. Super easy to apply, blackest black and matt finish. LOVE IT

 sweet pea body spray. Sweet pea has been one of my favorites since 2007 when someone give me a set on my bridal shower. It's such a girly scent i can't tell you!!! I have used different scents over the years but i keep coming back to this one. Specially for spring, i think it's a very nice scent.

Who'd think i'd buy  tweezers from bath and body works....but i did LOL and yes...they are so good!!!

So these are five products i use pretty much everyday this month.

Thanks so much for reading.


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