Friday, March 30, 2012

Beauty on budget

I have been thinking about writing this blog for a long time. The topic is "BEAUTY ON A BUDGET" . 

 We, girls, we want to buy every single thing out there in the beauty market. We spend our hard earn money on countless hauls, we want to buy everything we see on TV, on YouTube videos, we see at our friend's house. God has created us like that. IT'S NOT OUR FAULT LOL 

But is it ok to spend without thinking??? 

I would like to share with all of you how i shop as far as my makeup shopping is concern. 
& yes i am a makeup junkie like most of you:)

First and most important: 
Do i really need it? ( this question is pointless) because i always tell myself, no i don't need it but i want it and my want is bigger then my need:). But still i always ask this question to myself ( just as a reminder) 

Then i look for deals or coupons: 
Deals and coupons are a very big reason i buy drugstore makeup. As you all know most of the time, there are no coupons for "High end" makeup. So I go to different websites, like L'oreal or Garnier and get thier coupons, you can sign up for them. Ulta sends coupons all the time. My favorite one is $5 off on $10 purchase. I bought my Physician Formula Happy booster Translucent Powder with this coupon and also my NYX smokey eye palette ( which was $10.99) i ended up paying around $6 :) 
Even if i have to wait, i'll wait. I know the product is not going anywhere.

Try to find dupes: 
I love Youtube videos on high end makeup dupes. I found ELF bronzing powder and blush duo is a dupe for NARS duo, which i think has orgasm and laguna. I would happily pay $3 and get the "almost" same thing. 

 Every month budget: 
I have a makeup budget every month. It keeps changing though. For example, i'll say for the month of April i have $50 to spend on makeup/beauty items. Now i can buy a high end eye shadow palette for $50 or i can buy several things for the drug store. Or may be this month i want some lotions or hair products. But once i spent my $50, i'll not spend a single penny on makeup. 

One or two things at a time: 
sometimes i only buy one or two things at a time, let's say i go to walmart. I'd just buy 1 or 2 things. This way i didn't kill my pocket and i got something which would make me smile :) 

I mean i am not trying to say i am a genius and i have the most wonderful ideas ever. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you all.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks so much for reading


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