Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest room!!!

I cleaned up my guest bedroom today and added some storage pieces for my hubby to keep his stuff.

As like any other girl i have my stuff all over the house so poor my husband doesn't have much space left for his papers and other stuff.
I came up with this idea and its working pretty good for him.

I had this round box, someone gifted me some candles and they came in this box, I use this to store my hubby's phone charger, blue tooth charger and stuff like that.

This brown box was actually from Bath and Body works, i used to work there and this was a part of a display and after the season was over we could buy these props. I use this for his un-open mails. I have put a cute combination of grey and brown ribbon, i wish i could do pink LOL but remember it's for HIM:)

To finish up the room i use this super cute pink and brown sheet.

Use this throw from Macy's

Hope you guys like my room:) I love organizing and changing things around.

let me know what you think or even if you have any ideas how i ca make this better:)



  1. really cool bedding :D xx