Monday, March 26, 2012

My writing area and storage

As you all know by now i live in a two bedroom condo, therefore i don't have a lot of space so i keep changing things around to create more room and to be more organized.

I have no desk where i could sit and write, sometimes i use my dinning table :( but sometimes i wanna sit somewhere alone and write, so i created this little space.
 here are some pictures.

i know i know, you are thinking where is the desk or a table....where do i write :) 

Now let's take a look at the pieces individually

This vase, i bought from crate and barrel, love the color 

These pillows were actually custom made, my mom had someone made these for my house.

This stool thingie came from Target and i love it because it has storage space. I have two of these 

I keep my laptop, some note books, some address books and some pens in here

i love this area, I sit here, enjoy Tea while i write:) let me know what you think
 Thanks so much for reading

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  1. those pillows are beautiful! i love teal & brown together. & the vase is pretty too! :)