Monday, April 2, 2012

Urban Decay Book of shadow volume IV

I know i am a little too late on this but hey it's never too late when it comes to trying new things out...right?!?!

So this past weekend i was on UD's site and i saw this palette on sale. I think it was originally $65 ( i am not sure) and it was on sale for $29. I thought it was a good deal. I honestly tell you i look for deals all the time, i don't care if i have to wait a little to get something for a cheaper price. That doesn't mean that i never buy anything full priced but i like to look around before i buy something.
( i am even planning on doing a blog on  "beauty on budget" I am still working on it though!!!

So anyway, back to my topic, i ordered this palette last monday which was 3-26 and i got it  on 3-29, that's pretty fast right!!!

I haven't used it yet but i wanted to share my thoughts so if you want to get it while it's available or while it's on sale, you 'd know what i think about it ( like you care LOL)

My first thought was...How cute it is!!! It's just adorable to look at.

First the packaging:
I think it's super cute. Very girly.
Some cute butterflies on the top shelf, a mirror , a pocket to put your phone while you do your makeup and watch videos.

It comes with 16 eye shadows.
Also has, Ud primer potion( .13oz)
UD supercurl curling mascara.
UD24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner.
A tiny little speaker for you phone.
2 cords, one  to connect your phone to the speaker and the other one to charge your speaker through your laptop.
Also has a how to- do videos card thing that you can scan and watch the videos.

Final thoughts:
I am very happy i bought this. This is my first ever purchase from UD. I think with this palette i not only get to try their shadows but also some of their other stuff.
If you don't have this, i say buy it since it's on sale.  You are getting some really nice stuff , plus if you are a makeup junkie like me and you just want to collect cute makeup items you might like this.

Thanks so much for reading

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  1. I kinda want to order this but I need to control myself! lol!